“The Pumping Irony of Life”

This one is not so important, you can skip it. If you want to continue, well, I think I’ll take that as a compliment. Take time to read and I hope you will not get yourself busted.


The Introduction to my So-Called Life

Let me tell you something about myself. I’m just a piece of high school-dweller. My lungs are full of combustive air from factories, smoke-belching cars, and other source of suffocating pollutions which in time shall kill me. My stress-level, when ignited to its highest point, can cause me some dilemma or I’ll pass out for a minute. Give me a break and I’ll get my caffeine fix (that’s why I’m always palpitating). My idea of exercise is forcing myself to wake up from my unconsciousness, eat my breakfast and drink my coffee (I’m really getting some hard time with it). When I’m in a hurry and somebody is in front of me and just roaming around, I will yell at that person and get his whole being out of my sight. That causes me to be irritated and I hate it when that happens. Then and then, when I get my consciousness back, I’m definitely ready for the urban.


The Real Score

Life is undeniably full of pumping irony (I’m so annoyed by that fact!). Whether we want it or hate it, that will still pop out. I really hate it when something is really obvious and someone will still ask about it for the second time, worse, for the third or fourth time. Here’s one case. This day, there were so many ironic happenings in our school that I badly noticed. Andy (my classmate) shouted John (another classmate) of something.

“Hoy! Tawag ka ni Ma’am!” (Hey, John! Ma’am is calling you!)
“Ako?!” (Me?!)
“Hinde, Hinde ikaw! Yung upuan, kakausapin ni Ma’am yung upuan. Diyos ko po, mga tao nga naman!” (No, not you! The chair, Ma’am is going to speak with the chair. Omigosh, what a being!)

That person knew already that he was the one that was being called, but then, he was still making bobo of himself (making fool of himself, gosh!).  Here’s another situation, when someone is being asked of something.

“Ano last name mo?”  (What is your last name?)
“Pati po ba first name ko at middle initial?”  (How about my first name and middle initial, do you also need it?)
“Ha? Ang tinanong ko lang naman eh yung last name mo, eh.”  (Ha?  I am just asking for your last name?)
“Ah! So, hindi ko na po kailangang sabihin yung first name ko? Last name lang.”  (Ah!  So you don’t need my first name anymore?  Only my last name.)
“Pambihira! Humanap ka ng kausap mo, (bleep!).”  (bleep! Just get out of my site, bleep!)

Here’s another crazy but funny ironic situation of life.  You looked to the left and right of the street and there were no cars.  You crossed the street, of course, randomly, a bicycle hit you so hard that caused you to sprain your ankle.

“Arrray! Matuto ka ngang tumingin sa daan mo.” (Ouch! Learn to watch to where you’re driving to)
“Ay, sorry po! Sorry po talaga. Ayos lang po ba kayo? May masakit po ba?” (Oh, I’m sorry! I’m really sorry.  Are you okay? Does it hurt?)
“Pambihira! Sagutin kaya kita ng hindi masakit? Kita mo na ngang umaaray ako, eh.” (Omigosh! What if I answer you that it doesn’t hurt. You see that I’m in pain)
“Pero, ayos lang po ba kayo?” (So, are you okay?)
“Oh sigeh, sigeh, ayos lang ako. Laro lang toh para sakin, ikaw naman ang taya. Laro tayo, bundul-bundulan o bundul-takbo. Pasabugin ko yang ulo mo. Letse! bleep!” (Okay, okay! I’m fine. It’s just a game to me, I’m done, you’re the IT. Let’s play bang-bang or hit-and-run.  I’ll  shot your head with a gun. *****! bleep!)

Omigosh! If suddenly I will see that person, I will yell at him and
say, “bleep! bleep! bleep! what a crap!

There are just many things in life that I am trying to understand but I can hardly understand.  These are some of the ironic facts about life:

1.  Most of the people are schooled but very few are educated. Filipinos have a very big appreciation and value for education. Parents are doing all of the things they can do to send their children to school. That thing is enough for them, having a graduate for every family is an achievement. The thing that we don’t notice in here is that, most of us are going to school not for studying, but to have chit-chats with their classmates (chismisan, daldalan, awayan and alike, such a hideous acts!).
We are going to school not for those things but to make us as a better citizen and a person. The ones that appreciate the finer and nobler things in life.

2.  When a person is just in front of you but then you shout at him or her as if that person is so far, far away. That one is so uneducated, but then, I cannot blame them for.  Maybe, that is the kind of culture they encountered in their growing-up years.  But then and then, it is not enough reason.  Even if we are not able to enter the school, we must learn from the actuations of the educated (either schooled or not).  That is just the reality of life.

3.  Experience is the best teacher or It is better to learn from our mistakes, but it is better to learn from others’. Na-a-ah!  Not really!  Most of us are always committing the same mistake, same experience and same rejections.  That’s a fact!  The bad thing in here is that reiterating of experiences doesn’t really make us learn.  We are just doing the same.  We already know that these things will not make any better, but then we are still pursuing them.  What a crazy attitude!

4.  Magsisi po tayo ng kasalanan.  Ang Diyos ay nag-babala na.  Ang katapusan ay malapit na. (Repent from your sins.  God is warning us.  The end is near.)  I hate that kind of situation especially inside the bus.  I wanted to sleep inside the bus, taking a rest, maybe.  Suddenly, those persons with long sleeves and below the knee skirts will go inside the bus, stand in front of me, and will say those statements, begging for us to repent from our sins.  After that, they will pass a basket and will say, “Maaari po kayong makatulong upang makapagligtas tayo ng ibang buhay.  Any amount will do.  Ow, I’m sorry, we don’t have change for 20 bucks.”  C’mon, God still loves me and save me even if I don’t give and take a nap.  Having not enough sleep will kill me if a car run through me.  God will not like it.  Besides, God loves us, anyway!

5.  Observe your mobile manners.  Gosh!  Have you ever experience riding a jeepney or any public vehicle with someone who’s talking “tweetums”  to the person on the other line at everyone’s earshot? Something like, “Ahuhu!  Kumusta ka na?  Love you, too.  Sige, usap tayo mamaya.  Haha.  Mahal talaga kita.”  So annoying, isn’t it?  Observe you mobile manners.  Maintain at least a 10-foot zone from anyone while talking, unless it’s okay for you to whisper.  Never talk in enclosed public spaces like elevators or hospital emergency rooms, as well in libraries, museums, restaurants, cemeteries, theaters, dentist or doctor waiting rooms, places of worship, and auditoriums.  Don’t have any emotional conversations in public — EVER.  These are just some of the helpful tips.  Check this blog for more tips.  http://blogs.kkbmovement.org/2011/watch-your-mobile-manners/

Okay!  I think I am going to need some break and have my coffee.  These are just some of the ironic situation of life.  Dwell on it or hate it, you are still part of it.  Life is really twisted.  Wait for more posts that will soon come (duh!). Just be happy with your life.  Chow!


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