“What is Twisted?”

Joshua Plamenco Canlas A.K.A. Jocaz Plamenco is a simple freshman college student, believing that we are living on the life I call “Twisted”.  Many are actually asking me, when they read my blogposts, “What is this twisted you are talking about?  Is there such a life that is twisted?  How can you say that life is twisted?”

Oh, c’mon, darling!  We are really living in a world that is twisted.  Twisted is the pumping irony of life.  Denotatively, twisted is something that is bunched together to make a manner of putting into strand.  Cannot be straightened, cannot be made right.  Sound negative, right? But for my own connotation, twisted is an adjective you can give to something that is present or obvious but SOMETIMES you don’t want it.  But sometimes also, it can be a source of SO MUCH FUN.  Sometimes you don’t want it but then you need to dwell on it.  Maybe I can say that life is twisted because this life is presenting us different circumstances that we need to dwell on.  Different circumstances that we are trying to understand and trying to figure out how they happen.  But then, no matter how hard we think about them, we just end up describing them as twisted.  We just need to dwell on them to keep moving.  Most of the time, I consider them as a source of so much fun.  That’s all!

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