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(January 18, 2013)

I’m afraid of everything
Everything that is so true
So serene, so calm, secrets
Truest of me? It’s unreal!

Thoughts are floating in the air
Feelings are hidden deeply
Actions, they’re always controlled
Limited! Chained by motions.

You’re talking, words just fall down
Just as the air, you’re moving
You’re felt, yet nobody cares
Desperate sounds, no one hears.

Here we are, hear the unvoiced
Young people under pressure
Oh, listen! We are lighted
Yet darkness is upon us.

Darkness, gloom, chaos, free us
Our hearts, broken and shackled
Sep’rated from the real world
Lives with unclear purposes.

Pretension! Life’s a big stage
We laugh, we cry, we get mad
Battling everyone for fame
Competing for attention.

A life cycle of drama
It’s time, we need to end this
Compassion, rise up, be freed
Save the earth, rescue yourself.

Yes! We’re trapped to prepare us
For a fight, yet to unfold
We’re trapped by wrong emotions
Trapped by unsettled motives.

O, my friend! Be freed, be freed.


I’m still working on. I’m not yet so good on writing poems but I’m still working on it. You know, the old saying goes like, “Practice makes perfect.” I’m now interested on it. It’s something different. So, here is my second one. I hope it would sound a lot better and more dramatic than the first one. I love to hear your comments. Criticize it, please!


“Sayang, Sayang ang Lahat”

Sayang ang lahat,
Hindi lang pera, hindi lang effort,
Pati ang suporta na mula sa kanila,
Naka-iiyak man ngunit kailangan tanggapin
“Kuya Josh, bakit ka sumuko kaagad?
Ikaw yung may sabi sa’min na ‘wag kaagad sumuko e,
Nakaka-inis ka.”
“Basta, big secret, may cashunduan lang na involve, hehe.
Pwede ko naman kayong tulungan
Kahit wala akong posisyon e.”
Na-iiyak ako, di ko lang masabi sa kanila ang totoong dahilan
Basta, yun na yun
Wala ng salita-salita
Hehehe,! Tawanan na lang yan

“Worthless, Everything is Worthless”

Worthless, everything is worthless
Not only the money,
Not only the effort have I exerted,
But also the support I got from them
Although I am crying,
I must accept the real thing
“Kuya Josh, why did you withdraw?
You are always saying to us that
We must not give up,
But now…”
“Ha? It’s nothing, just a big secret.
I just have some money problem.
I can serve the school
Without any position, right?”
I cannot say the real thing,
The truth
Okay, it’s enough, no more words
Just make fun out of it.

Everything above is true; I did many sacrifices for that thing I withdrew from. I gave everything that I can give. I gave money, I exerted effort, and I gave myself. But, after all those things, I got nothing. “Worthless, everything is worthless”. The real thing is, I didn’t withdraw, they, the committee pulled me out, for they said that I have some technical problems. It’s okay with me because I have an idea of that problem. But the issue is they pulled me out the day before the big thing, before the election. They said that the screening committee screened carefully the candidates. But, why did I pass out? Sorry for the word, but they are not responsible on what they are doing.

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The activity coordinator told me, “Joshua, after lunch break, the candidates will have the last miting de avance. And I am asking you to tell to the whole student body that you are withdrawing your candidacy. Just understand the situation, okay.” Do you think that’s right? Although it is good for me, my reputation will not be on the hook, but my point is they told me that way so that the students won’t think that they are irresponsible. Hello, it’s not okay with me. If you are at my situation, what are you going to feel? Try to think of it.

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