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“Your Present Situation”

Hey! I have something to tell. There’s a letter from your friend and you need to know it.

I know almost all of the things about you and those things that surround you. I know those times when you were sad, mad, happy, hesitating, tired or anything. I know the time when you needed someone to talk with or to lean on. That’s why I am here with you. I can be that friend that you are looking for.

When you are with your family, what do you feel? Are you happy with them or not? Maybe you’re sad, really sad. Maybe you belong to a broken family, that’s why. Maybe the love you are getting from them is not sufficient. ” Palibhasa’y napakaraming mag-asawa ngayon ang naghihiwalay.” Many youths are growing in this society with a single parent only and that is a very difficult situation.

How about the way of discipline from your parents? Can that affect your emotions of attitudes? ” Masyado ba silang mahigpit o ‘di nama’y maluwag?” Are you experiencing emotional, physical, or mental abuse from them? Do you ever feel inferior? Do you feel that they treat you as their child or just like any other kids in town? Maybe they are just thinking that you need money and you’re okay, another difficult situation. ” May pera ka nga, but you’re still broken.” Too many questions, ha? These questions can help you think about your present condition in life. I want you to cry.

How about, hmm? Why don’t you check yourself? Is it okay that you are always alone? I know many teenagers that they look at themselves as no one, no identity—that they are not happy, that they are already content with what they have or what they do, that they think that they’re okay when they are really not. And these are the reasons why they put their attentions on these things—computer, cellphone, iPod, and other gadgets that they think can fill up their brokenness and loneliness in life. You know, it is really hard to look a friend that you can trust about your secrets and brokenness. Also, it is not that easy to find an opportunity to talk with your parents maybe because they are just too busy about their jobs. This letter can help you realize that you are not alone.

Many youths today are directly hurting or abusing themselves in able to express the thing that is inside of them. They cut, bite, or burn their own body, I hope you will not do those things. Don’t ever do it unless you want your life to be ruined. If you do those things, you are already testifying that you feel nothing or no one. We have our own purposes to do.

Remember, there will always be some circumstances that you will feel inferior, lonely or broken. Well, you still need to force yourself to be happy in order to lessen your sadness. Express yourself in as good manner and understand the situation of your parents.

Bare in mind, you are not the only person in the world who’s experiencing those things, ” Marami tayo.”

PROBLEMS—they are allowed by Jesus Christ to happen to prove our trust or faith in Him.


There was a moment in my life when I was alone in the house and I was staying inside my room. I was doing nothing, just staring at the ceiling because I was at my bed at that time, suddenly, the tears dropped down from my eyes. I was surprised. I felt that there was something inside of me that wants to explode. It was like…I just really wanted to cry.

Maybe I was crying because there were just too many things that I was thinking of. Past life, experiences, struggles, etch. Well, I’ve got no one to talk with.

Could you be my friend? Could you be that somebody that I could lean on? I’m hoping for that.

” You are too weak for it!
You don’t have the guts to pursue your dreams.
He will definitely not make it, trust me! ”

These are just some of the words that create pressure inside of me. Anytime, it could explode and as expected, it happened. I created a mess. I got mad, angry at the spur of the moment. That thing put a heavy weight on my shoulders. That pressure inside of me created anger and defeated me. I cried hard because of that. I told about this thing to a person that I trust the most.

=+=: Go on, cry. I will let you cry.
+=+: This must not happen. I shouldn’t let this to happen.
=+=: There’s nothing wrong about what you have done. Remember, we are not perfect or good enough to stop our
anger. Even the Lord got mad for once, says in the bible. But the good thing here is, at least you tried to stop
your anger.
+=+: Thank you so much. I feel better now.

It is my weakness when I get mad. There was again a moment in my life when I was inside of my room and of course, being a drama actor again. There was a voice inside my head and said,” Why don’t you try to cut your pulse? Just one time only. ‘Bakit si *** nagawa iyon’ and nothing happened to her. Go on, try it. You will not die with just one slash.” And it happened, I bought a blade at the store near our house, got back inside my room and prepared myself in cutting my pulse. I did it. As I were looking at my bleeding wrist, I felt like along with it was my problem pouring out of my body. I felt like I was really happy in doing that thing. I just don’t know why I allowed that to happen.

There were so many things that I realized because of what happened. You cannot live in a place by just being alone or isolating yourself from others. Look for a friend, the real one. How foolish am I? The friends that I was looking for were already there, waiting for me to approach them. I was just the one who’s hiding. Maybe I’m nowhere right now if I didn’t find them.

Anger is not a bad thing. Being angry is also not bad. That is a natural sensation. The bad thing here is when we do not know how to control or place our anger. The worst will surely follow and we can get our life a big mess. I just have a message for all those people who are in the same situation. Oh please! Do not be a big —— like me, do not be a big fool. Find someone to talk with about something. You know, I really get emotional when it comes about my life. Behind this happy face is another face of mine, meet SADNESS.


This is not a real story.
I just created it from the experiences of my friends.
I’m happy with my life.
A close friend of mine read it and said,
” Creepy! Don’t ever do it for any reason.”
I just smiled at her.

Hey guys! First day of college is really fast approaching and I haven’t yet got any plan about it (I mean, I planned, but it didn’t pursue). It is because of that “petition” stuff (the petition where you can be able to go abroad). Asking why? Early October, I am already planning for my college. Which entrance test will I go, what are the requirements, how can I go to those colleges. I am planning for everything. I got for forms for those colleges, BSU, UP, PUP. But then, it didn’t pursue. I’ve got no money to pay for the entrance test. That “petition” stuff ruined me, gosh! All these time, they told me that the petition is until 18 only. I will not make it if I will take up a 4 year course (Mass Communication, Communication Arts, BS Education. I don’t know!). They are keep on telling me that It will be better if I will take up (first) a 2 year course (IT, maybe. ACLC, ABE or Animo! Liceo). It will be better if I will do that. Na-a-ah! I don’t think so. What I know is this, “The petition is until 21, not until 18!” Mami Liz told that to me when we had a chat. It means that I can take up a 4 year course and make it to abroad when I’m 21. But then, it’s already to late when I knew it. I already gave up my dreams. I think, “babagsak na talaga ako sa Animo, Liceo!” haha. Now, they are STILL keep on telling to take up a 2 year course (and it is so annoying). I am not so expressive about that matter that’s why I chose to write it. Come on, I have big dreams, bigger dreams to achieve. I don’t want to be ordinary; I want to be exemplary (sounding arrogant? I don’t care!). “Masyado lang siguro mataas ang mga pangarap ko.” Who cares? When you dream, make it big! Hayzt! What can I do? “Pinapa-aral lang naman ako. Kahit anong reklamo ko, wala pa rin naman akong magagawa. Wala pa akong power.” Does it matter? “Ako ang mag-aaral, eh.” Hay! I hope something good will happen. If there are miracles, I need them… NOW! Haha! Have a good day!
Do I need help? Yes! (desperately)

This is so cool. My legs are shaking. My head is terribly aching. I’m falling to my unconsciousness and I can’t help it. It’s too weird for a teenager like me to conquer the everyday of my life even if I am only having a 5 hour sleep each night and I don’t have the chance to sleep at day because I am so busy doing many school stuffs. It is so cool that I am here, in front of the computer and blogging again. Haha!


I should save this as a draft, it’s actually not yet done.


I feel so sorry when I wrote this one. It is all about hatred. I should not have wrote this. But then, I just want to express my feelings and get this hatred out of my heart. I’m okay now, I feel better, I hope. Reminder: Don’t be reacting so much when reading this. I will put it to trash if so!



(Date written: Feb. O8. 2011)

Yesterday, Feb. 07, 2011, somebody gave me those very inspiring and uplifting words (so ironic!). That person said that I was more than that she expected. Kesyo, ako raw ang worst sa magkakapatid. Ako raw yung laging laman ng church pero nakapasuwail naman sa bahay. Napaka-dominating ko raw. Di ko raw katulad yung mga nakatatanda kong kapatid (well, don’t ever compare me, darling). Ako raw talaga yung worst. Sa susunod daw na bastusin ko siya (even if I did not), pakakainin daw niya ako ng kanyang kamao. Super sumbat din siya sa mga nagawa raw niya sa akin. Kapag daw nagkatrabaho ako, baka raw lalo ko silang pagmalakihan ( I will not). Pinupuri raw ako sa loob ng church at school pero sa bahay, I’m just the worst child. Another person was there also and super sulsol naman siya sa taong nanenermon sa’kin (lintik yan!). I hate being here, but I definitely love being my self. I want to get out of this world that Ive stucked of. I hope I can tell this to them, “Ni minsan ba, did you ever ask me kung bakit ako nagkakaganito? Ever since, you haven’t.” Di ko naman masabi kasi pinandidilatan lang naman niya ako ng mata at dinuduro pa ako, “Walanghiya ka, ANAK LANG KITA, gumaganyan ka. Pa’no pa kaya kung pinapakain mo kami? Walanghiya ka! PALAMUNIN LANG KITA…” Second the motion naman ang other person doon, “Ganyan naman talaga yan, eh!” Di na lang nila sinabi na PLASTIK NA DEMONYO ako (buisit yan!) Nakapag-formulate tuloy ako ng equation,


Where J is for Jocaz, W is Walanghiya, D is Demonyo ang P is Palamunin. Puro yan ang naririnig ko sa kanila, eh (unlimited, kumbaga!). Ang saya talaga, hano?! Take note, wala silang naririnig sakin habang sinesermunan nila ako. Ni ha, ni ho, wala! (buisit yan! Nasisira buhay ko sa bahay na ito! Lintik yan!). Ito pa, may mga college students sa tapat ng bahay namin na nakatambay at alam ko at paniguradong naririnig nila ang very encouraging and uplifting words of wisdom na iniaalay lamang sakin. Owh! I remember, may nakatatanda daw na nagpapasabi na habang maaga pa daw ay putulin na dapat ang sungay ko. Sa ginagawa nila, di siguro nila naiisip na baka mas lalo pang humaba pag pinagpatuloy nila iyon. (F**k them!). Very annoying, very distracting. Ang lakas makapanira ng araw tuwing naaalala ko yung nangyaring panenermon. So far, magdadalawang oras na ang wlaang habas na pagmumura at panenermon nila sakin. I cannot stand with it anymore! Tinalikuran ko sila without any facial expression and any sound na nagdadabog and went outside the house para kalmahin ang aking damdamin (parang robot nga ako, eh!). I think that will make things better.

I really love being myself and I hate being at house. Actually, I don’t feel anything anymore. Should I say, manhid na ako!” Labas pasok na lang sa mga tenga ko ang panenermon nila, eh!


“……………..maybe I am really bad, but I can change it kung makikita lang nila ang mga magaganda sakin na maaaring natatabunan lang ng masama……………………….”


(Date written: July 17, 2011)

Thank God, I’ve changed already. I forgave them already and I have been forgiven. Thank you Jesus Christ. This moment, I read it again and felt ashamed at the same time happy. Because I know that I’ve changed and I will never be back to the way I used to be. Sabi ko nga sa mga kabataan na namemeet ko at nakaka-usap, “Let us go the past. Let us shake off the baggage. We will never be forgiven unless we forgive ourselves, accept that we’ve sinned, confess our sins and get up and start moving.” For a youth like us, maybe we are presently undergoing to a very difficult situation that may seem not to have any solution. It will come to a point that we are going to ask God the “why questions”. Lord, “Bakit naman ako pa? Bakit sa’kin mo ibinigay ang ganito kalaking problema? Not me, Lord. NOT ME!” Instead of aking the “why questions”, why don’t we just kneel on a prayer and throw at God the question that can immediately have answers. “Lord, what is your purpose in giving me this problem or letting this to happen? Tell me, Jesus. Tell me what is the right thing to do to glorify your name.” Maybe those questions are better. Ask God what to do, get up and start moving.

Remember. Let go of the past, Shake off the baggage and Get up and start moving.

God Bless us all.

How do you solve a problem like the Jejemons?
‘A lot of people think jejemon talk is cute. But its successful transmission can be attributed to the fact that idiocy, if wrapped in cuteness, can appear desirable… to other idiots’

April 27, 2010, 12:31pm

By MB Graphics
What the heck are jejemons?

That has been the question on everybody’s mind ever since a picture of presidential aspirant Gilbert Teodoro holding a sign declaring that he would send all jejemons back to elementary school started circulating on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

The curious have usually been directed to Urban Dictionary, the open source website that provides definitions for popular culture terms. Jejemons are defined as “individuals with low IQs who spread around their idiocy on the web by tYpFing LyK diZS jejejeje.”

To make it more graphic, here is Urban Dictionary’s example:

miSzMaldiTahh111: EoW pFuOh!

You: Huh?

miszMaldiTahh111: i LLyK tO knOw moR3 bOut u, PwfoH. crE 2 t3ll mE yur N@me? jejejejeje!

You: You are a jejemon! Don’t talk to me!

miszMaldiTahh111: T_T

But even before making its debut on Urban Dictionary, the word “jejemon’’ has been making sporadic appearances elsewhere on the web. On Pinoy Tumblr, for instance, “jejemon” appeared on a post made on April 14 about vice-presidential candidate Jejomar Binay — complete with a fake campaign poster calling him “Jejemon Binay”.

It makes an even earlier appearance on the My Ragnarok Online Forum. In a post that went up on March 14 entitled “Jejemon ka ba?”, user Deviluke points out that most jejemon wear baggy clothes and sport jejecaps – rainbow caps usually worn backwards and just placed on top of one’s head. points out that “jeje” enjoys popular usage among Spanish-speaking countries as a word to denote laughter. “Jejemon” sprung from its combination with the subculture spawned by popular Asian anime, “Pokemon”.


Whatever its origins, the word is now a pop culture phenomenon, spawning numerous groups that are for or against it on Facebook. The biggest anti-jejemon group, Gotta Kill ‘Em All, Jejemon has more than 88,000 members, while jEjEmon uNite has less than 500 members.

Administrators and members of Gotta Kill ‘Em All, Jejemon seem to agree that the term “jejemon” was first coined a month ago, but the behavior attributed to jejemon was around for much longer.

“This kind of typing started when text messaging became famous and they used it to shorten long text messages,” says Kahel, one of the administrators of Gotta Kill ‘Em All, Jejemon.

“I first encountered them in high school. Mobile messaging was the newest and hottest technological trend then,” says 24-year-old quality analyst Aldrin Fauni-Tanos. “Like dinosaurs, their existence preceded their discovery and categorization.”


The initial reaction to jejemon talk was the same across the board – irritation and bewilderment.

“I am shocked that they text like that because I really can’t understand the messages. I just had to accept the fact that some people have ‘skills’ to make language oh so despicable,” recalls 19-year-old Nheigeio Balatbat, also an administrator of Gotta Kill ‘Em All, Jejemon.

But how does one exactly become a jejemon?

It starts with the slippery slope of text messaging.

Fourteen-year-old Zee Puerto is an incoming high school student and is also an administrator of Gotta Kill ‘Em All, Jejemon. Unlike the other administrators, Puerto has a much more intimate connection with the jejemons that the group is so vehemently against.

“I was one of them way back. Texting was one of the most important media that made an impact on jejemons. When my friends started to text like that, they also influenced me. I started typing like them, like using ‘x’ instead of ‘s’,” he admits. “But when they started to use extra letters it began to annoy me.”

For others, it is just a style, comparing it to “leet speak”, a globally accepted form of writing that is used by the intellectual geek community.

“Style lang, parang sa Jose, ‘H’ ‘yung pagbasa sa ‘J’. Parang leet speak. Ewan ko kung bakit ngayon lang lumabas ang mga haters,” explains 14-year-old student Jella Mella, who texts like a jejemon but refuses to be called one. “Bigay lang ng mga haters ang pangalan na jejemon kasi ‘jeje’ ang tawa namin.”

These jejemons, according to Fauni-Tanos, have nobody to blame but themselves. “A jejemon has no one else to blame but himself,” he says. “A lot of people think it is cute. Its successful transmission can be attributed to the fact that idiocy if wrapped in cuteness can appear desirable…to other idiots.’’


Since bursting into the public consciousness, hate has been something that jejemons are likely to encounter, online or off the Internet. Mella says that her Facebook wall has encountered its own share of haters who have wished for her death.

“‘Bumalik ka na sa planeta niyo, p*******a mong jejemon ka, bakit hindi ka pa mamatay.’ May nag-post niyan dati sa wall ko,” she shares. “Wala naman kaming ginagawang masama sa kanila. Hindi nila kami kilala, bakit nila kami i-jujudge?”

The excessive amount of vitriol directed at the jejemons has gotten the attention of some celebrities, who decry the hate being directed towards the group. Musician Rico Blanco, for instance, has called for calm on his Twitter account.

“Easy lang friends, di naman naba-badtrip sa inyo mga jejemon pag-umo OMG at lumulurkey kayo. Walang pakialamanan ng trip,” he states on a tweet posted on April 23.

Actress Alessandra de Rossi and broadcaster Ces Drilon have also condemned the wholesale ridicule that the group has received.

Even the administrators of the Gotta Kill ‘Em All, Jejemon fan page have begun to realize that the energy directed towards embarrassing and humiliating jejemon could be better directed towards more constructive activities.

“I think the hate was overreaction,” says Balatbat. “I know of people who join jejemon hate groups just so they can kill time insulting people, but some of the insults and curses cross the line. These people are humans too. So to protect their rights, I and my fellow administrators have decided to have censorship rules on our fan page.’’

“Annoyance is natural and expected, but I think hating them is an overreaction. There will always be people who will offend you or annoy you for the things that they do,” agrees Fauni-Tanos. “The question is: are they doing this to directly annoy you or is it simply because they do not know any better? I have a feeling that the majority of jejemons simply do not know that ‘jejenese’ is a poor reflection of their intelligence.”


Should English teachers and the Department of Education be concerned about the popularity of jejemons? The online consensus seems to think that they should be.

“Once you become used to a certain way of life, you’ll adapt it unconsciously. I’ve seen a valedictorian use jejetyping and I was disappointed with the grammar in her Friendster account,” says Balatbat.

“The problem is that most people lack the will to ‘upgrade’ their own intelligences. Many Filipinos are fine with mediocrity: having enough of this and that, having enough school and education to survive,” adds Fauni-Tanos. “Not too many people want to know more. Thus, most are fine with substandard language as long as it can be understood.”

Most agree that simply making jejemons aware of their actions will be enough to put them off.

“Jejemons and jejemon-friends need to be informed that their language is more of a barrier than a medium. It takes too much effort to read, and I doubt if it is actually easier to compose than a phrase in standard Filipino or English,” explains Fauni-Tanos.

And for the most part, it seems to be working. Mella has this to say about how all the attention directed towards jejemons has affected the way she communicates:

“Ayaw ko na minumura ako ng mga tao kaya pinipigilan ko na magsulat ng jeje.”

Once there was a boy, he was sad but not mad. He went to 2 kinds of beaches but he wanted to go to the beach that’s all decorated with lights but he had to stay home because he was sick. So that’s why the boy was sad but not mad. THE END
By: Byron Plamenco 6 y/o
This was told by a 6 y/o and it was so amazing that at his young age, he’s able to express himself. Well, I’m his cousin and I’m proud of it!