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My Manifesto with God

I, undersigned, commit before Jesus, my Lord and Savior, before man and my peers and my church mates, that I will withhold myself from entering into a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship for one (1) year because I would like to give my undivided attention to loving and serving God. This means that;

1. I will abstain from courtship and dating.
2. I will abstain from sexual intercourse, petting, necking, kissing (on the lips), and any indiscreet contact with any person.

I believe that as a Christian and as a child of God, I want to serve Him and sanctify my body, soul, and spirit for the glory of God.

Signed this _________ day of ______________, ________ at _____________________________________. This MANIFESTO is effective until _______________________, _______.

Over Printed Name

Person/s I’m accountable to;

Youth Leader/Ministry Head

Best friend/Prayer Partner

Good night, everyone! Well, I just can’t sleep yet so I decided to post my devotion for tonight. So here it goes…

Bible Verses:

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door,I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” -Revelation 3:20

“Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts…” -Hebrews 3:15

A. Message:

God is knocking and continually knocking at the doors of our hearts for the reason that He wants Himself to be a part of our lives. That is so cool. He’s the King of kings, Lord of lords, but then He’s the One who’s so eager to be with us. He is knocking and knocking yet we keep our hearts shut. “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock.” He said.

B. Promise:

In Revelation 3:20, we see Jesus speaking, “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door,I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” It simply states that God’s promise is, He will dwell with us if we let Him so.

c. Command:

To fulfill God’s promise, the thing that we should do is to open our hearts to our God. When He knocks and calls for us, let us respond and carefully listen to His voice. Let us yield and be obedient to what He is saying and asking us to do.

D. Warning:

So, what happens when we don’t follow God’s commandment? What happens when we don’t open our hearts and respond to His call? Simple! We are just keeping ourselves from experiencing God’s blessings, greatness and mercy. When we reject Him, we reject the Heavens and hug the earthly matters.

E. Application:

The application is simple. Let us just open our hearts to God. Everytime He is calling us and He’s asking us to do something, let us listen to Him, respond to His call, and obey His commandment. When the conviction of the Holy Spirit is at its peak, do not double your mind or do not think twice to obey God.

Securing an Undivided Heart to the Lord

By Joshua Canlas

“I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them: I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh.” – Ezekiel 11:19 (NIV)

“Teach me your way, O Lord, and I will walk in your truth: give me an undivided heart that I may fear your name.” – Psalm 86:11 (NIV)


Many are asking, “How will I find the one I’m waiting for if I will restraint myself from having boyfriend-girlfriend relationship?”  There is no quick answer for this question that’s why I opened my Bible and God led me to this verse, ““I am saying this for your own good, not to restrict you, but that you may live in a right way in undivided devotion (or heart) to the Lord (secure an undivided devotion to the Lord).”  1 Corinthians 7:35 (NIV: emphasis mine)

Its message is securing an undivided devotion to the Lord. It asks us the following questions:

“Do you really love me?” “Yes Lord, I’ll do anything for You!” “Well then, can you abstain from having a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship for one full year to focus on Me?” God is asking us to enter into a covenant with Him. “Yes Lord, I will not enter into a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship for one full year as a sign of sacrifice, love and commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Maybe you are now asking, “Wait, wait, wait Joshua! Your introduction might be wrong. You said our topic is about the undivided heart. But right now, you are talking about love, romantic dating, relationship. What do they have to do with the undivided?”

They have a big part to have an undivided heart to the Lord. Let’s wait and we’ll just figure it out later.

God said from Jeremiah 29:11-12, “’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.’”  These coming years that God has prepared for us are years for great outpouring of miracles and anointing.  We’ve got to be ready for those greater miracles as we prepare the way of the Lord.  That’s why I praise God more and more for giving us these words, “I will give you an undivided heart” to prepare us for these coming years.

When the great outpouring of blessings has come, God said, “You need to have an undivided heart”. A heart that is not distracted a heart that will never compromise, a heart that will remain focus on God. A heart that is willing to give up anything, any person, any relationship because this heart is so focus, so in love with God. It is called the undivided heart.

Biologically speaking, the heart is the organ that pumps blood throughout the whole body. Simply means, the heart is the center-most of our being. It is the core of our deepest intentions and thoughts. The heart means a lot to the other parts of the body. The bible says, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart.” This means that we should love Him with everything we have, our whole being. Because the heart represents the whole that whatever it dictates, the body just omits, the body obeys. “Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.” (Proverbs 4:23) The issue of the heart is an important issue.

The heart means everything to our body and the situation of it can affect us spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. “Above all else, guard your heart.” Maybe the bible said that because the devil knows our weakest point, and it is the heart. The devil can give us heartaches, disappointments, struggles, hassles and more that can cause us to be broken. Physically, we can carry on. But emotionally, we won’t be able. With those struggles, they can affect our devotion to the Lord. An undivided heart will be soon divided.

Physically, emotionally and spiritually, once a heart is broken into pieces, it does hurt you, of course. A broken heart is a divided heart already. And that kind of heart loses it purpose. It will be dead. It won’t pump blood, it won’t beat, it won’t feel and it won’t be devoted to its Creator because it’s dead. But one great thing is for sure, God hears the cry of the broken. Ask Him to restore your heart and use it again for His purpose. Once He restores and heals your heart, present it to the King again. Present it as whole and without any distractions. Start securing an undivided heart to the Lord. “Above all else, guard your heart.”

One of the biggest steps of the devil to keep us from having an undivided devotion or heart to the Lord is the impressments of the wrongly-mannered, wrongly-idealized and wrong-timed boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. When you enter into that kind of wrong-timed relationship, though you may not know it, but you are already setting God aside and placing the person you thought you love to the place where God should be. Voila! You now have a divided heart. You will now start looking out for comfort, contentment, joy, crying shoulders and peace from the person (your boyfriend/girlfriend) instead of looking out for those things from God. God has been replaced.

One good thing that we can do is, we quiet our hearts, feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and spend time with Him. Well, why do we need to quiet our hearts? It is because the Holy Spirit sometimes speaks in whisper; so when our lives, minds and specially the heart are busy, it can be hard to hear His voice. Allow God to show you how He feels about you. Seek Him first, not a mate. Give Him your heart, your undivided and fully devoted heart, and His blessings will follow your obedience.

You may have all the riches in life, all the wealthiest friends and all the relationships in the world, but this is my assurance, you will never be completely happy and contented with your life and with what you have. The truth is, there will still be a part in your life that can never be replaced or filled by anything in this world because only God can fill those emptiness and restore the broken. Pray to God to give you a new heart of flesh, an undivided heart.

For us teenagers, it may be difficult to secure an undivided heart to the Lord and enjoying life as singles. Insecurities and discontentment may still arise. But if we said we encountered God and have experienced His grace in an extreme way, we will be decided to keep an undivided heart to the Lord and enjoy this period, our single years to devote ourselves to God alone. A heart that is focus to God only.

If you are having difficulty to do this, seek advice from the people you trust, and allow yourself to really listen to their advice and assistance. God will give them wisdom to help you in making a decision, and I know He has put people in your path to help you along your way.  Remember this, “Boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is a preparation for marriage.  If you’re not ready yet, go for friendship.”

Asking God to prepare ourselves as He gives us a new and undivided heart is not just a request, not just a prayer. It’s an action. It takes place, it moves. Being singles and securing an undivided heart and devotion to the Lord should take place by our actions. One purpose of being devoted to God by being single is that it helps you discover the value of having the right priorities in life, upholding purity and rendering service to God and other young people. By encountering God and asking Him to give you an undivided heart, you can make a potent decision that can change your life forever.

“Lord, I will do anything for you. I will secure an undivided devotion to You. I will not enter into a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship until your perfect timing has come as a sign of sacrifice, love and commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Please say this prayer:

“Lord, help me prepare my whole being as you give me a new and undivided heart as you have said in Ezekiel 11:19. Help me to secure an undivided devotion to You. Give me the sufficient strength to strive to become emotionally and physically pure. Lord God, as I enjoy my single years, please use me within this period mightily and prosperously. I am longing for Your guidance and presence. This is my prayer, in Jesus Name, Amen!”

I am so blessed when I watched this testimony of Yeng Constantino.   So, I decided to put it in written words!


Stir up (rekindle the embers of, fan the flame of, and keep burning) the [gracious] gift of God, [the inner fire] that is in you.
-2 Timothy 1:6 (AMP)

Kahit sa kaunting ningas na mayroon dyan sa puso mo magmumula ang naglalagablab na apoy na syang magbibigay ng sukdulang liwanag dito sa mundong nababalot ng dilim at dumadaing ng pag-asa. Umalab ka, apoy sa pusong mong lumiliyab. Kristiyanong Kabataan, kilos na!


Testimony of Yeng Constantino in History Makers Conference “NATION TRANSFORMERS”

Date:  Dec. 21, 2011

Hi, Everyone!  Direct, okay lang kung paki close up yung t-shirt ko kasi nag-effort ako today.  Ako yung kumanta ng “How Wok Kamey, Di Kita Iiwan”.  Ako po si Yeng Constantino.  Di pa ako nagsisimulang  magtestimony, naiiyak na ako.  Ano ba ‘yan?  Ah, I like this feeling.  I feel like dancing like this.  Wait po, kuya.  Well, pa’no ba ako mag-uumpisa?

Bata pa lang po ako sobrang pangarap ko na umakyat ng entablado, merong spotlight, makita yung mga taong nakikinig sa’kin habang kumakanta ako at hindi ko nakita yung sarili ko simula nung maliit ako na papasok ako sa office at naka-yuniporme.  Hindi ko sinasabi na kung masama yun, pero hindi ko lang talaga nakikita yung sarili ko na ganun.  Bata pa lang po ako, passion ko na, yung kumanta sa harap ng salamin at hawak ko yung hairbrush ni nanay ko.  Kinakanta ko pa yung, “Love hurts”(laugh).  Paborito ko yung mga ano, eh, yung mga musikero, yung mga 80’s na parang (can’t understand).  Yung mga Aerosmith, Guns and Roses, (projected a guitar sound; laugh).  Kaya ako, kaya nagustuhan kong mag-aral ng gitara.  Pero yung nanay ko, gusto akong mag-artista.  Pwede!  Pero hindi ako mahilig mag-artista.  Pero sabi ko sa nanay ko, “Hindi, kasi, rockstar ako, eh!” (laugh).

Pero gusto ko talaga so nag-start ako sumali kahit ng mga contest.  Ah, well, siguro kung nanood kayo, sumali ako ng Star for a Million, search for a Star in a Million.  Ah, lahat ng, Starstruck.  Lahat ng may star, basta, gusto ko maging star, eh! (laugh).  Pero, lahat, lahat ng sinalihan ko natalo ako.  Hindi ako nakapasok sa lahat kahit sa second round.  Ay! Di naman pala kasi ayaw ako ni God na maging star, gusto Niya akong manalo sa PinoyDreamAcademy.  Ayun lang pala yun.  Hinde, right timing ko na si God kasi nag-usap kami ng tatay ko, sabi niya, pag, sabi ko, “Pa, bugbog na bugbog na ako.  Lagi na lang akong talo.  Wala na akong self-confidence.  Ayoko nang humarap sa mga kaklase ko, eh, kasi kapag kakamustahin ako, ‘Kamusta contest mo?’ ‘Ha!  Bye!’”.  Gusto kong umescape kasi wala akong masabe, kasi di naman ako nanalo.  Sabi ko sa papa ko, “Papa, parang pagod na ako.  Ayoko, ayoko nang sumali.”  Tapos sabi ng tatay ko sa’kin, “Kung ganyan ang paniniwala mo, sige, kung pagod ka na, kung before mag 18 ka na at hindi ka pa makapasok, sige.  Papasok ka na, mag-co-college ka na.” Gusto ko maging masscommunication na estudyante kasi ako.  Gusto ko maging journalist, gusto kong magsulat.

So, tsk, sige, pero gusto kong kumanta so nagtry ulit ako and nanalo ako sa Pinoy Dream Academy and then natupad yung pangarap ko.  Wow!  Cotton candy, sarap neto, oh!  Ang saya!   Sobrang, sobrang saya ko, kasi lahat ng gusto kasi 18 years old lang ako non, eh! Lahat ng gusto ng isang teenager, lahat meron ako. PSP, PS3, WII, ano ba yon? NINTENDO DS.  Lahat ng bagong cellphone, sabihin mo na, BLACKBERRY, IPHONE, NOKIA, SAMSUNG.  Apat-apat.  Di ko na nga magamit.  Gusto niyo?  Ayaw! (laugh)

Pero nagtataka ako, hindi ako masaya.  Minsan akala mo pag naabot mo na yung pangarap mo, magiging masaya ka na.  Pero parang kulang.  Ba’t ganun ganito ko, ah, dapat masaya ako, ah?  Ahmm, sa parking ba ‘toh?  So, iyon, sobrang nalungkot ako.  So, may isang kasama ko sa ASAP Rocks na ininvite ako sa  isang bible group.  Ininvite ako ni Sam Milby.  Feeling ko may pagtingin siya sa’kin nung mga panahon na iyon, di niya lang inamin agad.  Hehe!  Joke lang.  Pero natuwa ako kasi yung first night na pag-atend ko, sabi ko, “Sakto yung messange, feeling ko ito na yun. Ito yung kulang sa’kin, yung Gospel.”  Kaya attend ulit ako sa small group, umattend ako.  Pero bakit ganun?  Pag tinitingnan ko sila, parang alien pa rin ako.  Parang, nagtataka ako, bakit ang weird?  Yung isang ka-small group ko, kinikilig kay Jesus.  “Ha?  Kinikilig ka kay Jesus?”.  Ha?  So, duh?  Jesus?  Kinikilig? (making sound).  So, hindi ko maintindihan.  Pero, deep in my heart, I know, na parang, iyon yung dapat kong maramdaman.  So, one day, nasa kwarto ako, kinausap ko si God, sabi ko sa Kanya, “Ano pa bang maitatago ko, eh, alam mo na ngang lahat?  Kahit hindi ko sabihin.”  Sabi ko,  “Nag-aatend ako ng small group tsaka ng church, tsaka nagbabasa naman ako ng bible araw-araw.  Pero yung totoo, hindi Kita mahal.”  Iyon yung totoo.  Ginagawa ko yung pag-attend ng small group, bible study, church para i-satisfy yung sarili ko at sabihin ko na okay ako.  Pero yung totoo, hindi.  Yung binitawan kong word kay God that day, sabi ko, “Pero alam ko sa puso ko na dapat Kitang mahalin at gusting-gusto Kitang mahalin.”  Sabi ko, “Lord, baguhin mo ‘toh.  Kasi kung ito yung gusto mo, baguhin mo yung puso ko.  At alam ko na kaya mong gawin ‘yon kasi Diyos ka, eh!  Baguhin mo yung puso ko.” 

Tapos, nagbasa ako ng bible, nasa John na ako non.  Nabasa ko yung bible, John 17:24, iyon yung nagbago ng buhay ko.  Sabi ni God, sa tagalog kasi taga-Montalban ako, kaya yung binabasa kong bible tagalog.  Nung binasa ko yung bible, sabi ni Jesus, nagpepray Siya non para sa mga tao bago Siya ipako sa krus.  Ang dami Niyang sinabi, eh, “Lord I pray para sa mga disciples ko.  Lord I pray na hindi sila mag-scatter pero maging one sila, as You and Me are One.”  Pero may isang sentence don na nag-strike sa’kin, sabi Niya, “At ipinapanalangin ko yung mga taong naniniwala Sa’kin sa buong mundo.  Gusto Ko silang makasama kung saan Ako pupunta.”  Eh, kung hindi ka ba naman ma-inlove kay Jesus non.  King of kings, Lord of lords, gusto kang makasama?  Gusto kang makasa ni God.  Gusto kang makasama ni God.  Hindi lang ako.  Kaya hindi ko kayang ma-contain kung ano yung pag-ibig na nararamdaman ko.  Na kahit sinong kausapin ko, kahit sa saan ako pumunta.  Ngayon mas alam ko na yung purpose kung bakit ako nasa industriyang ito.  Kaya sila na mga nasa labas, gusto rin silang makasama ng Diyos. 

So, iyon, nagsheshare ako ng, minsan naglalunch kami ng mga Yengsters, nagsheshare ako ng Gospel.  Once a month yon, nagsheshare ako ng Gospel.  Nagulat ako, one day, may nalaman ako sa Tweeter, may bible group na sila.  So, iyon, may isa akong dinidisciple na girl.  Ayon, hindi siya girl dati, eh.  Natatawa ako sa sinabi niyang iyon sa friend naming, nagkita kame, “Hi!  Ate!  Babae na ‘ko!”  Kaya mong tulungan yung mga kaibigan mo na malaman nila yung identity nila at kung gaano sila kaganda sa mata ni God.  Di ba?! 

Ngayon, hindi pa ako naglead ng malaking small group, pero one day, gusto kong maglead.  Gusto niyong sumama?  Tara!  Masaya ako na pinakilala sa’kin ni God itong mentor ko.  Siguro kung hindi ako minentor ni Acel, para ako ngayong ano.  Para akong tambay sa kanto.  Pag mainit ulo ko, mag-iinom ng alak tsaka mag-yoyosi.  Pero hindi iyon yung gusto ni God na maging ko, eh.  At marami pang gagawin si God, alam ko.  Minsan, sumasablay pa rin ako.  Pero buti na lang, sobra-sobra yung grace ni God na kaya natin na mag-umpisa, mag-umpisa at mag-grow ng mag-grow ng mag-grow.  Mayroon kasi kaming ano, eh.  May cheer kami.  Ready na ba kayo?  “I am Acel Bisa-van Ommen.  Ako si Yeng Constantino.  A Worshiper.  A Soul-Winner.  A Disciple Maker.  And a Nation Transformer!”


If may ma lipo kayong napuna sa pagtype ko testimony ni Yeng, open po ako for corrections!  Yung iba, parang kulang, di ko kasi maintindihan yung ibang line.  Hehe!

“Your Present Situation”

Hey! I have something to tell. There’s a letter from your friend and you need to know it.

I know almost all of the things about you and those things that surround you. I know those times when you were sad, mad, happy, hesitating, tired or anything. I know the time when you needed someone to talk with or to lean on. That’s why I am here with you. I can be that friend that you are looking for.

When you are with your family, what do you feel? Are you happy with them or not? Maybe you’re sad, really sad. Maybe you belong to a broken family, that’s why. Maybe the love you are getting from them is not sufficient. ” Palibhasa’y napakaraming mag-asawa ngayon ang naghihiwalay.” Many youths are growing in this society with a single parent only and that is a very difficult situation.

How about the way of discipline from your parents? Can that affect your emotions of attitudes? ” Masyado ba silang mahigpit o ‘di nama’y maluwag?” Are you experiencing emotional, physical, or mental abuse from them? Do you ever feel inferior? Do you feel that they treat you as their child or just like any other kids in town? Maybe they are just thinking that you need money and you’re okay, another difficult situation. ” May pera ka nga, but you’re still broken.” Too many questions, ha? These questions can help you think about your present condition in life. I want you to cry.

How about, hmm? Why don’t you check yourself? Is it okay that you are always alone? I know many teenagers that they look at themselves as no one, no identity—that they are not happy, that they are already content with what they have or what they do, that they think that they’re okay when they are really not. And these are the reasons why they put their attentions on these things—computer, cellphone, iPod, and other gadgets that they think can fill up their brokenness and loneliness in life. You know, it is really hard to look a friend that you can trust about your secrets and brokenness. Also, it is not that easy to find an opportunity to talk with your parents maybe because they are just too busy about their jobs. This letter can help you realize that you are not alone.

Many youths today are directly hurting or abusing themselves in able to express the thing that is inside of them. They cut, bite, or burn their own body, I hope you will not do those things. Don’t ever do it unless you want your life to be ruined. If you do those things, you are already testifying that you feel nothing or no one. We have our own purposes to do.

Remember, there will always be some circumstances that you will feel inferior, lonely or broken. Well, you still need to force yourself to be happy in order to lessen your sadness. Express yourself in as good manner and understand the situation of your parents.

Bare in mind, you are not the only person in the world who’s experiencing those things, ” Marami tayo.”

PROBLEMS—they are allowed by Jesus Christ to happen to prove our trust or faith in Him.

There was a moment in my life when I was alone in the house and I was staying inside my room. I was doing nothing, just staring at the ceiling because I was at my bed at that time, suddenly, the tears dropped down from my eyes. I was surprised. I felt that there was something inside of me that wants to explode. It was like…I just really wanted to cry.

Maybe I was crying because there were just too many things that I was thinking of. Past life, experiences, struggles, etch. Well, I’ve got no one to talk with.

Could you be my friend? Could you be that somebody that I could lean on? I’m hoping for that.

” You are too weak for it!
You don’t have the guts to pursue your dreams.
He will definitely not make it, trust me! ”

These are just some of the words that create pressure inside of me. Anytime, it could explode and as expected, it happened. I created a mess. I got mad, angry at the spur of the moment. That thing put a heavy weight on my shoulders. That pressure inside of me created anger and defeated me. I cried hard because of that. I told about this thing to a person that I trust the most.

=+=: Go on, cry. I will let you cry.
+=+: This must not happen. I shouldn’t let this to happen.
=+=: There’s nothing wrong about what you have done. Remember, we are not perfect or good enough to stop our
anger. Even the Lord got mad for once, says in the bible. But the good thing here is, at least you tried to stop
your anger.
+=+: Thank you so much. I feel better now.

It is my weakness when I get mad. There was again a moment in my life when I was inside of my room and of course, being a drama actor again. There was a voice inside my head and said,” Why don’t you try to cut your pulse? Just one time only. ‘Bakit si *** nagawa iyon’ and nothing happened to her. Go on, try it. You will not die with just one slash.” And it happened, I bought a blade at the store near our house, got back inside my room and prepared myself in cutting my pulse. I did it. As I were looking at my bleeding wrist, I felt like along with it was my problem pouring out of my body. I felt like I was really happy in doing that thing. I just don’t know why I allowed that to happen.

There were so many things that I realized because of what happened. You cannot live in a place by just being alone or isolating yourself from others. Look for a friend, the real one. How foolish am I? The friends that I was looking for were already there, waiting for me to approach them. I was just the one who’s hiding. Maybe I’m nowhere right now if I didn’t find them.

Anger is not a bad thing. Being angry is also not bad. That is a natural sensation. The bad thing here is when we do not know how to control or place our anger. The worst will surely follow and we can get our life a big mess. I just have a message for all those people who are in the same situation. Oh please! Do not be a big —— like me, do not be a big fool. Find someone to talk with about something. You know, I really get emotional when it comes about my life. Behind this happy face is another face of mine, meet SADNESS.


This is not a real story.
I just created it from the experiences of my friends.
I’m happy with my life.
A close friend of mine read it and said,
” Creepy! Don’t ever do it for any reason.”
I just smiled at her.

“This Is How I Overcome”

Pambihira! It is really hard to play this game we call LIFE. There are just too many stuffs to comply. Many problems but few are solutions.

It is really difficult to communicate with other people especially with those you don’t know the most. What if you told a secret to a person that you thought you can trust the most? A secret about your biggest crush, most embarrassing moment and other things that you don’t want to know by any other people. It means that you are putting a big percent of your trust to that person. Now, this is the question,”What if at the moment that person moved behind you and walking far away from you, you will just suddenly know,’alam na pala ng buong kapaligiran ang sekreto mo’, what are you going to do? Baka mamura mo ako or worse. You know, this situation had already happened to me. From that stage of my life, I learned that you must not put your trust to a person fully. You must know that person very well before putting your trust to him or her. At that, I did nothing because it was too late. It caused me heartaches.

It is also hard to love somebody truly and wholly. Paano ko naman nasabi iyon? Of course, I experienced it. There’s a moment in my life that I loved somebody so much. So much that I already gave my everything, but from her, I got nothing. I did everything to make her mine. I visited her when she needed somebody to talk with, helped her in her studies, made her laugh. In return, I got nothing. Pinagmukha niya akong TANGA.

Because of that experiences in my life about love, I’ve decided,”Tama na, tigilan ko na toh, this might be the end, I will just put my attentions on my studies. I will get nothing if I continue this fantasy.” What do you think? Is that good or not? Kasi, it is better for the both of us if I will focus on my studies and leave this kind of love second in line.

“Ways on how to kill yourself!” Nyek! Gulat ka, hano? You’re not expecting that one to be in here, right? Okay, this is the real thing. It is really hard to die, die from being a KRISTIYANO. On what way of dying? The dying of the fire of the Lord in our hearts. It is difficult to be back again in the heart of worship. But by the Grace of God, we are still here, walking along the path that He told us to.

I am really sad with this happy life. Hu? There are many troubles and challenges in life that we need to conquer that help us to stand firm in able for us to play this game we call LIFE. Basta, set your goals and you’ll surely be successful in your own ways.