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Naah!  What does it look like if I would write a poem?  How will people react?  I’m not good at writing poems.  I only write essays and short stories.  Other than those, none.  But then I have to.  Our teacher in Literary Criticism told us to submit our own poems then we’ll criticize them.  Oh boy!  What will I write?  Actually, I’ve already written one and I hope it would sound good.  I have no idea about it.  I hope it looks like a real poem, or not!  (I know, it’s amateur) Naah!  I don’t care.  At least I would submit something.  So here it goes.  I want you, guys, to be the first one to read and criticize.  Leave your comments and suggestions below.  PLEASE!  I would be needing them.


(August 18, 2011)

Fill with emotion
Full of action
And desperation

So classic

Too much drama
Just count the babba
To skip reality
Sleep tightly

Sense the ironic
Life with ballistic

Your own habitation
World defined your own
So alone…


There you have it. My first poem ever. I hope it would not be the last. Does it make sense? You know, your sensibility. Does it have any message? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions. They would really help. Just leave them below. Chow.
(The idea and the background behind the poem, to follow…)


”Ways on How To Become an Honor Student, The Twisted Way!”

Hahaha! This is so crazy. As in, TWISTED again. I’ve graduated from high school with academic awards. I was really expecting for those awards because I worked hard for them. C’mon, it is not being “mayabang” (arrogant or boastful), I am just so proud with my achievements. I know, there are still more people who are far better than me (Well, I don’t care about that!).

High school is just a small place. I am now preparing myself to venture to a new journey. COLLEGE. Hayzt! I am going to love college because I know that it will offer me more challenging situations, hideous and mind-boggling problems. College will make you more responsible, competent and smart student (Does it still matter? Why am I talking in that manner? I don’t know!). I am here, just waiting for that time to come. FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE. At high school, I graduated with honors. At college, I will be a dean’s lister (there is nothing bad with dreaming, especially if you know that you can achieve those dreams). Haha!

Going back with my main topic. How did I become an honor student (at high school)? Well, let us start by reminiscing the past. When I was at my 1st and 2nd year of high school, I was not fond of studying. I was graduating from one level to another without having any award. Here’s the weird thing, I really don’t know on how I graduated with those levels because I know that I didn’t study well. I got failing grades, I admit it. That’s why I am wondering. Well, so much for reminiscing the past.

Here are some tips to become an honor student (The Twisted way!):

1) Be good with your teachers even if you don’t want them. Always give a very big smile. Always make a good impression about teachers to follow this tip. This one is really funny. I did it. I admit. Be good with your teachers even if you don’t want them. Be good with them even if you want to kill them, flush them in the toilet, make them a half-rotten meat or throw them into the river for being so strict about what you are doing (Isn’t it nice? Haha…It’s gross). Just be good with them. Your HIGH grades are at their hands. Sometimes, be a tupperware (Or be a plastic!). Inside the school, your attitudes dictate your grades. If you possess a character that your teacher doesn’t want, change it. Show him or her that you are changing and you will be liked. Good grades will follow. Am I so bad? I think not. It is just the reality.

2) Be a good follower of your teachers. Darling, this one is so true. To have the grades that you should have to become an honor student, you should obey your teachers. When your teacher asks you to do anything, obey him or her without any sign of hesitation. Obey your teacher with your eye twinkling like the stars and always wear a very big smile. Haha! This step is really effective. Yes, sometimes it is difficult to follow because they will always ask you something to do even if academically not related with your grades. They will always look for you because they know that you will follow them truthfully, honestly and happily. C’mon, darling. Your labor will never be in vain. At the end, you will get high grades. Sometimes, being a “katulong or alalay type” of student can help you on the way.

3) Always present yourself at any school activities. Hmm! If you want extra credits, why don’t you join those school activities, clubs and organizations? That one is so effective. Even if you don’t have the guts to be a leader or just a follower, JUST PRETEND YOU HAVE. Haha! Extra points will be given to you at the end of the school year. You will have the grades that you are not expecting. C’mon! You are not after the popularity from the students or from the teachers; you are after for your high grades. So, what are you waiting for? Stand up, get out from the couch that you are sitting and look for the nearest registration outlet.

4) Put a little creativity on your projects. This is true. Put a little, just a little creativity on your projects. Put a little color. Spend money to design your projects. This can give you more points. Why? For example, your project doesn’t have any content or a failing grade is not enough for it. Your teacher will think, “Ipasa ko na nga toh, may effort naman sa design, eh.” (I think I will pass this kid, there’s an A for the effort to design.) See! Extra credit again.

These steps are just some that I did to become an honor student at my high school life. Sometimes, it is so hard to follow these tips because you may think, “Am I really getting some credits from what I am doing?”. C’mon, if you really want to become an honor student, well then, do everything, even pretending to be good when you\re really not. It is just the matter of choice. You will benefit from it, promise!

Guys, don’t misinterpret me. I love my teachers. I expressed to them the sweetest words that my whole being could express. I respected them, I’m loyal to them, I obeyed. Now, I am giving the greatest gratitude to them. I know that I can see higher because I am standing at the shoulders of the giants that taught me to be responsible, competent and transformational member of the society.

At high school, maybe it was 70-30. Bigger percent that I showed at high school was true, the truest of me. The smaller percent was just a big pretending. These steps were really effective. You know, the best step is, “Get your butt off the bed and study your lessons!” Study, study, study. Follow these steps or not, it’s just the matter of your choice.



Think first before reacting on this note. First of all, the title of this note is, “Ways on How To Become an Honor Student, The Twisted Way!”. The Twisted Way! That is actually the style of my creative writing. In my notes, I express there the pumping irony of life (ang kabalintunan ng buhay), the unrealistic part of life that can be realistic, the impossible that can be possible. I love creating essays about the irony of life because you can get the humor by exaggerating them, so it is funny! In this note, I explained the irony of life of an ordinary student who wants to be one of the honors. In my note, I am not dwelling with just my life; I am dwelling with it generally. These steps are sometimes the strategies of most students (not actually just myself). What I am telling here is that, good character is actually the primary basis of the good grades, academic aspect is just secondary. In my note, I am just having it so exaggerated to say that you have to be a plastic to be liked by most, that is why it’s the PUMPING IRONY OF LIFE. That is my style of writing. EXPLAINING THE IRONY AND HYPERBOLE OF LIFE. The reality of life.

This is so cool. My legs are shaking. My head is terribly aching. I’m falling to my unconsciousness and I can’t help it. It’s too weird for a teenager like me to conquer the everyday of my life even if I am only having a 5 hour sleep each night and I don’t have the chance to sleep at day because I am so busy doing many school stuffs. It is so cool that I am here, in front of the computer and blogging again. Haha!


I should save this as a draft, it’s actually not yet done.


I feel so sorry when I wrote this one. It is all about hatred. I should not have wrote this. But then, I just want to express my feelings and get this hatred out of my heart. I’m okay now, I feel better, I hope. Reminder: Don’t be reacting so much when reading this. I will put it to trash if so!



(Date written: Feb. O8. 2011)

Yesterday, Feb. 07, 2011, somebody gave me those very inspiring and uplifting words (so ironic!). That person said that I was more than that she expected. Kesyo, ako raw ang worst sa magkakapatid. Ako raw yung laging laman ng church pero nakapasuwail naman sa bahay. Napaka-dominating ko raw. Di ko raw katulad yung mga nakatatanda kong kapatid (well, don’t ever compare me, darling). Ako raw talaga yung worst. Sa susunod daw na bastusin ko siya (even if I did not), pakakainin daw niya ako ng kanyang kamao. Super sumbat din siya sa mga nagawa raw niya sa akin. Kapag daw nagkatrabaho ako, baka raw lalo ko silang pagmalakihan ( I will not). Pinupuri raw ako sa loob ng church at school pero sa bahay, I’m just the worst child. Another person was there also and super sulsol naman siya sa taong nanenermon sa’kin (lintik yan!). I hate being here, but I definitely love being my self. I want to get out of this world that Ive stucked of. I hope I can tell this to them, “Ni minsan ba, did you ever ask me kung bakit ako nagkakaganito? Ever since, you haven’t.” Di ko naman masabi kasi pinandidilatan lang naman niya ako ng mata at dinuduro pa ako, “Walanghiya ka, ANAK LANG KITA, gumaganyan ka. Pa’no pa kaya kung pinapakain mo kami? Walanghiya ka! PALAMUNIN LANG KITA…” Second the motion naman ang other person doon, “Ganyan naman talaga yan, eh!” Di na lang nila sinabi na PLASTIK NA DEMONYO ako (buisit yan!) Nakapag-formulate tuloy ako ng equation,


Where J is for Jocaz, W is Walanghiya, D is Demonyo ang P is Palamunin. Puro yan ang naririnig ko sa kanila, eh (unlimited, kumbaga!). Ang saya talaga, hano?! Take note, wala silang naririnig sakin habang sinesermunan nila ako. Ni ha, ni ho, wala! (buisit yan! Nasisira buhay ko sa bahay na ito! Lintik yan!). Ito pa, may mga college students sa tapat ng bahay namin na nakatambay at alam ko at paniguradong naririnig nila ang very encouraging and uplifting words of wisdom na iniaalay lamang sakin. Owh! I remember, may nakatatanda daw na nagpapasabi na habang maaga pa daw ay putulin na dapat ang sungay ko. Sa ginagawa nila, di siguro nila naiisip na baka mas lalo pang humaba pag pinagpatuloy nila iyon. (F**k them!). Very annoying, very distracting. Ang lakas makapanira ng araw tuwing naaalala ko yung nangyaring panenermon. So far, magdadalawang oras na ang wlaang habas na pagmumura at panenermon nila sakin. I cannot stand with it anymore! Tinalikuran ko sila without any facial expression and any sound na nagdadabog and went outside the house para kalmahin ang aking damdamin (parang robot nga ako, eh!). I think that will make things better.

I really love being myself and I hate being at house. Actually, I don’t feel anything anymore. Should I say, manhid na ako!” Labas pasok na lang sa mga tenga ko ang panenermon nila, eh!


“……………..maybe I am really bad, but I can change it kung makikita lang nila ang mga magaganda sakin na maaaring natatabunan lang ng masama……………………….”


(Date written: July 17, 2011)

Thank God, I’ve changed already. I forgave them already and I have been forgiven. Thank you Jesus Christ. This moment, I read it again and felt ashamed at the same time happy. Because I know that I’ve changed and I will never be back to the way I used to be. Sabi ko nga sa mga kabataan na namemeet ko at nakaka-usap, “Let us go the past. Let us shake off the baggage. We will never be forgiven unless we forgive ourselves, accept that we’ve sinned, confess our sins and get up and start moving.” For a youth like us, maybe we are presently undergoing to a very difficult situation that may seem not to have any solution. It will come to a point that we are going to ask God the “why questions”. Lord, “Bakit naman ako pa? Bakit sa’kin mo ibinigay ang ganito kalaking problema? Not me, Lord. NOT ME!” Instead of aking the “why questions”, why don’t we just kneel on a prayer and throw at God the question that can immediately have answers. “Lord, what is your purpose in giving me this problem or letting this to happen? Tell me, Jesus. Tell me what is the right thing to do to glorify your name.” Maybe those questions are better. Ask God what to do, get up and start moving.

Remember. Let go of the past, Shake off the baggage and Get up and start moving.

God Bless us all.