I’m Twisted!!

The hands of the clock are already pointing at ten in the evening when I’ve started jotting-down notes from my mind. I am trying to write something but I cannot think of anything. The atmosphere is humid and it’s raining. There are sounds of crickets, insects everywhere, I can hear them. I’m alone in the house. The television is still on. Technologically amazing that there are small people inside of it. My hands are shaking, my ballpen is not so fine, my notebook is good, I love to write on it, well, I’m just not fine.

Troubles, rejections, mistakes, judgments, criticisms. They are all and always present in my life. There are many ups and few downs. Sometimes I’m losing my will and I’m losing my faith. I have given up but not totally. I still have the strength to stand up, to face each day, to prove myself, to show my skills, and still have the sufficient strength to be me.

“What is this place? I’m scared, I’m nervous. I don’t know what to do. Help me, please!”
“Wake up! You’re dreaming again.”
“No, it’s not a dream. It’s a nightmare. I nightmare that I keep on remembering.”

Don’t worry, darling. Everything’s going to be fine. Life is twisted, life is crazy, life is full of surprises. What can you expect from it? Everything. Don’t worry, you’ll be good. You’re still you. I love you, I care for you. I will always be here. The other side of yourself. I’m Twisted!!

  1. Unstoppable says:

    nice one!

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