“So Now I Defend Teenage Love?”

Posted: July 12, 2013 in Christianity, hardships of a youth, purity

Teenagers, please be serious about love!

I will go straight forward right now.  Believe me or not, teenagers nowadays are more serious about romantic love than anything else.  Romantic Love!  They know so much about this matter.  They know the feeling of being in love.  The feeling of being heartbroken.  The feeling of being rejected by someone.  The emotions they go through.  They know how to be tough and how to get through with those brokenness.  Not just on the negative side, they also know how to make someone fall in love with them.  They know how to take care of a relationship.  They know how to dig deeper into love.  They know how to fight, to sacrifice, to give up or to give in just for love.  Believe me, teenagers know everything about ROMANTIC LOVE.

You know what I mean.  We are surely surprised by these real facts.  These are true.  THESE ARE REAL EMOTIONS!

The thing is, all of these are real emotions FOR THEM but they have the WRONG PERCEPTION about romantic love.  Let me emphasize, these are real emotions FOR THEM but they have the WRONG PERCEPTION.  They thought that entering into an early relationship is okay. It’s good.  Nothing’s wrong about it because everyone does the same.  EVERYONE DOES THE SAME. Even people who are not in their teenage years anymore have these real emotions but have wrong perception, wrong context. Now that is the concerning matter for me.  This post is actually not just for teenagers who are entering into an early relationship but for those people who we are looking up to.  For those people who we seek advise about this matter.  For those people who we thought have more knowledge about romantic love. This is for those people who they thought know more about this matter.  Those people who  give advise to our teenagers.  (I’m not telling everyone, but most!)

Surely, they know so much things about romantic  love.  But what they do not actually know is, again, teenagers have the real emotions but in the wrong perception.  (Shall I now begin explaining?)  We should be very sensitive about the emotions of our teenagers when giving an advise.  We should also give our truest emotions so that they would also give theirs. Honest conversation, I mean. For example,

“Go on, talk to me.”
The kid starts talking and talking and you start listening and listening. Then you give your advise. The kid says thank you then left. When the kid left, you say,
“Oh teenagers! They don’t know anything about love. They’re just kids.”

I mean, c’mon! That’s why they’re asking for an advise because they don’t know anything.  Even though they’re just kids, their emotions are real so we should, too, be real.

Sometimes, we, adults try to listen, try to give our truest emotions, then we give advise. But then, we give wrong advise because we also have the wrong context about romantic love.
For example,

“I love her so much. I want to fight for this love. I can’t go on without her.”
You start giving true emotions.  Then you give advise.
“Don’t give up! You have to keep on fighting for that love. Even if everyone’s going against your way, keep on fighting. Stand with your emotions. Stand with your decision.”

WHAT?! What are you talking about? We should give advise to teenagers that fighting for an immature love is wrong. We should give real emotions, but our advise should also be real. Our advise should be right. We should teach the right thing.

I will give another scenario.

“I love her. I want to be her boyfriend. But no one’s supporting me and they just keep on telling me that this is wrong.”
“I am not telling you not to listen to them, but you have your own decision. You just have to listen to your heart. Whatever your decision is, I’m here to support you.”

Oh dear, please give a break!

So now we teach our teenagers to go against doing the right thing.

Dear, brothers and sisters, let us take full responsibility of our thoughts, actions and words. Remember, there are teenagers who are looking up to us. Whatever we do, we say or think, they will surely imitate.  Let us not mislead our teenagers.   Yes, they do have their own decisions, but we shouldn’t be comfortable about that.  Just like us, they, too, are still immature about certain matters, like romantic love.  Maturity is a process.  We don’t land on adulthood and then, automatically we’re mature enough to give advise.  We don’t instantly know what to tell them or to teach them. It is a constant process. That’s why we should be responsible with our actions. Let us direct our teenagers on the better side.  Let us open their minds what true love really is. Let us teach them the value of waiting. Let us teach them to obey their parents, their leaders and those people who are accountable to them.

We should be concerned with our teenagers, but we shouldn’t tolerate them. Please, please, please! Remember this, teenagers have these real emotions, but they have the WRONG PERCEPTION.  That’s why we are here to teach them the right thing to do and to tell them what true love really is.  God bless us all!

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