“Emotions for the Day : Frustrated, Mad, Full of Insecurities”

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Something's Wrong!
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Hey guys! First day of college is really fast approaching and I haven’t yet got any plan about it (I mean, I planned, but it didn’t pursue). It is because of that “petition” stuff (the petition where you can be able to go abroad). Asking why? Early October, I am already planning for my college. Which entrance test will I go, what are the requirements, how can I go to those colleges. I am planning for everything. I got for forms for those colleges, BSU, UP, PUP. But then, it didn’t pursue. I’ve got no money to pay for the entrance test. That “petition” stuff ruined me, gosh! All these time, they told me that the petition is until 18 only. I will not make it if I will take up a 4 year course (Mass Communication, Communication Arts, BS Education. I don’t know!). They are keep on telling me that It will be better if I will take up (first) a 2 year course (IT, maybe. ACLC, ABE or Animo! Liceo). It will be better if I will do that. Na-a-ah! I don’t think so. What I know is this, “The petition is until 21, not until 18!” Mami Liz told that to me when we had a chat. It means that I can take up a 4 year course and make it to abroad when I’m 21. But then, it’s already to late when I knew it. I already gave up my dreams. I think, “babagsak na talaga ako sa Animo, Liceo!” haha. Now, they are STILL keep on telling to take up a 2 year course (and it is so annoying). I am not so expressive about that matter that’s why I chose to write it. Come on, I have big dreams, bigger dreams to achieve. I don’t want to be ordinary; I want to be exemplary (sounding arrogant? I don’t care!). “Masyado lang siguro mataas ang mga pangarap ko.” Who cares? When you dream, make it big! Hayzt! What can I do? “Pinapa-aral lang naman ako. Kahit anong reklamo ko, wala pa rin naman akong magagawa. Wala pa akong power.” Does it matter? “Ako ang mag-aaral, eh.” Hay! I hope something good will happen. If there are miracles, I need them… NOW! Haha! Have a good day!
Do I need help? Yes! (desperately)


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