Good Thing You’re Appreciated!

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Something's Wrong!
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It’s good to know that other people can realize things you are doing for them. Even if sometimes, dealing with the situation is very difficult or brain-busting. It is also good to know when your sacrifices are not worthless and they are for the greater good. I hate it because I am having so much drama right now(that is not my style in writing!) .  I love to work especially when it is appreciated.

This day,  March 15, 2011, I did a very tiring job and I still need to do it until tomorrow.  I need to teach 4 sections ( 4 classrooms) in our school for their speech choir.  It is actually not my job but I need to do it because of the situation.  Our English teachers were not there because they were busier than me (they were in a very important meeting) . I am exhausted because I am handling 4 sections, I cannot teach them at the same time that’s why I need to transfer from one room to another.  After I teach one stanza for this section, I will go on the other section.  So tiring.  I am not reclamizing (reclamizing? Is that complaining?  Oh yes!) .  I am not complaining, I am just telling you what I feel right now.  I’m tired, sleepy, my head is aching, I’m exhausted.  I am just not in the mood.  Hayz!  Oh, I remember, if you are doing something for others and it is totally voluntary, don’t complain about it.  You accepted it and did it, you know that there’s something in return.  You don’t know specifically what is that thing but you definitely know there is.  It is not actually about the THING itself, but the thing outside it.  Why does that person gave you that thing?  Because you are appreciated, that’ s it.  No matter how big or small the thing that person gave to you, the point is, you are appreciated.  (more thing, thing, thing!  Does it matter?  I don’t know!)

Maybe, I still need to do those things because I am the president of our English Club (does it matter? I don’t know!) .  Even though, I can’t stand it.  No!  I mean. I can stand it because I am still here, in front of my computer and expressing my thoughts (duh!) .  Does it really matter?  I don’t know and I actually don’t care.  Good thing that I am just so happy with my life.  I am gaining the kind of respect that I deserve (i guess…).  THIS IS GOTTA BE A GOOD LIFE!

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