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(Date Written : August 01, 2010)


  1. Jaymart Baltazar                 —->  Mr. No Way
  2. John Paolo Bernardo           —->  The Cute Manace
  3. Joshua Canlas                     —->  The Essayist
  4. Reyamrt Castro                   —->  Mr. Killer Smile
  5. Anthony Bryan Cristobal     —->  The Guy of Under Construction
  6. Draiane del Rosario             —->  The Unknown Specie
  7. Paolo Mendoza                    —->  The Big Boss
  8. Adrian Joseph Tan              —->  Mr. Flirt Image
  9. Emmanuel Ibana                 —->  Master of All Performing Arts
  10. Charles Adrian dela Rosa   —->  Short-Tempered Man (Si Ama)
  11. Rallin Geronimo                   —->  Mr. Class Bunker
  12. Renz Cedrick Santiago        —->  The Unwanted Maniac
  13. Michael Adrian Talens         —->  Mr.  Cutter
  14. Patrick Villanueva                —->  Master of All Bullies
  15. Paolo Santos                       —->  Silent Killer
  16. Robb Sernan Retardo         —->  Geek but Freak
  17. Dustin Sulat                         —->  The Smart One
  18. Francis Abaday                    —->  The Husky Man
  19. Haries Hilario                        —->  The Bomb
  20. Glenn Mar Castro                 —->  Mr. Eyebrows
  21. Jorrald Catahan                   —->  The Attention Seeker

“My Girlfriends”

  1. Kiana Mae Encila                 —->  The Undescribable
  2. Jasmine Arididon                 —->  Student Advisory
  3. Orchel Dizon                        —->  The Songbird
  4. Baby Ann Marquez              —->  The Dancer
  5. Iris Genesis Navarro            —->  Ms. Conscience
  6. Ailene Morante                    —->  Undeniably Happy
  7. Lynette Chaneco                 —->  The Warfreak
  8. Kimberly Mae Reyes            —->  The Artist
  9. Michaela Joyce Mendoza     —->  Ms. Go With The Flow
  10. Geraldine Sanchez               —->  The Rapunzel of the Gang
  11. Junica Solano                       —->  Ms. Red Lipstick
  12. Joylyn Coronel                     —->  The Giver and Given

(to be continued…explanation for each)

(This post is dedicated to my Fourth Year high school classmates, Batch 2011)

“Pledge of Loyalty”

(date written : March 19, 2011)

It’s Thursday, the 31st of March. I’m Joshua, and this is Youth Report live from the COLM Quadrangle. Wait, why am I speaking like that? Why am I wearing this? Why am I standing in front of these beautiful and handsome people? And, what is this occasion? Wait, wait, I should think. Oh, it’s our Graduation Day. I’m so silly. All of us have waited for this day. This is the fruit of all of our hard works. Let me tell you this, “Graduation is the time of completion of one level and moving up to the next level. At this moment, the important graduation is the high school graduation where we, the graduates are honored with a degree or a diploma as a proof that we have successfully completed this school year.” Well, so much for that.

Three years has gone so fast. When we first arrived here at school, when we were 2nd year students, we thought that we already know something in life or we know almost all. We thought that we don’t need more advices. We’re wrong. We know nothing, our teachers helped us realized that we have nothing with our own. At first, it was very difficult for as to unite as one class. We were from different schools, different cultures and different families of course. Those differences were hindrances at first in able for us to change for the better. Our teachers didn’t give up with just because of that. Instead, they used those differences as instruments to bridge-up our different worlds. It was a very long story. Now, we know that we’re emptied, we admitted it. We are now the students that are ready to be filled-up with more know knowledge.

II – Mt. Mayon, I can describe you as, “Puro gala, a year filled with fun and excitement.”

Tugudugguduggud… Can I hear some drum rolls? Our third year life offered us many “pahirap”. Nuknukan ng dami ang mga project na kailangan gawin. There were times that we are not sleeping over night to finish our projects and to pass them on time. Gala moments were limited. We really needed to focus with our studies. That was actually what the school is all about—to study hard. Studying hard helped me a lot. Look where I am standing now. I am standing at shoulders of the giants that taught me all of the stuffs that I know.

III – Australia, “Less gala and fun but more knowledge and hard works.”

Huhuhu… I think I will burst out to tears. After this graduation, I am not anymore a IV – Hope student. Wait, who says I cannot? I can always bring those with memories in my heart. I will graduate from high school but not from being a IV – Hope student. This year, many doors have opened for us. One was, when our school joined the BULPRISA Meet and some of the participants were from IV – Hope, including me. Haha! We thought that third year was the hardest year for us but we’re wrong. The hardest was the last. We had a long week with not enough sleep, gosh! But, it’s okay. We’re done with that. We are now here at final ceremony—The Graduation.

IV – Hope, “Very less gala and fun and excitement but more and more doors, knowledge and hard works.”

We have come to the final stage. I think, I have stated so much.

The real score is this day is our achievement and an achievement for the school, achievement of our teachers. They fulfilled the vision statement of the school, “College of Our Lady of Mercy is home of holistically formed student and community leaders.” They achieved it, they have not failed. They gave everything, sacrificed everything—time, money, knowledge and their heart. Words are not enough to state the things you have done for us but there are so many other ways to express our gratitude to all of the people who molded us this way.

Nobody is perfect in this world, we all know that. But if we keep on doing the good deeds, we will surely become successful. That’s why our teachers are successful in life. I am a student of this school for already three years that’s why I will have the pledge of loyalty.

With all those stuffs that I said, I will promise one thing. I will be loyal to the school. “Loyalty means allegiance permeated with strong and enthusiastic feeling or sentiment. It means loyalty to loved ones; loyalty to superiors; loyalty to constituted authority; loyalty, solid and indivisible, to the country.”

With being loyal, I have a part of this school. I have the objective of obligation. “It is said that if you remove the spirit of loyalty from the members of a command, the unit will collapse like a house of cards.”

I will quote a thought from Elbert Hubbard, The Loyalty Pledge,

“If you work for a man,
in heaven’s name work for him.
Speak well of him
And stand by the institution he represents.
Remember, an ounce of loyalty
is worth a pound of cleverness.
If you must growl, condemn
And eternally find fault,
Why, resign your position.
And when you are on the outside,
Damn to your heart’s content.
But as long as you’re part of that institution,
do not condemn it.
For if you do, the first high wind that comes along
will blow you away.
And probably, you will never why.”

At this moment, I am requesting the graduates to stand and raise their right hand as a sign of promise as we are going to have our Pledge of Loyalty.

We, the graduates of the College of Our Lady of Mercy promise to uphold the dignity, honor and prestige of our school. We will shine more beyond the school walls and will prove that we learned by heart the wisdom and values taught to us in order that we shall turn to be worthy citizens of our country.

We will love our country, the Philippines. We will do our best to become a good Filipino citizen and will be loyal to the cause of our country. We want our country to be ever free and independent and we want our fellow citizens to be ever free and prosperous. When we leave the portals of our Alma Mater, we will work harder and save more, live longer and serve our country joyfully.

We believe in a good strong and fair government. As a citizen, it is our duty to share the load of sacrifice, burden and responsibility. We will turn ourselves from bad vices, obey the law and help the government officials to implement and enforce the law. We will do our best to become an honest, self-supporting and serviceable citizen.

We will always love peace but we will fight for the sake of the right, of the freedom and of the justice. We love our lives but we will gladly die for the sake of our family, our fellow citizen and our God.

As we graduate from the school, we will not condemn the school because we are part of it. We will defend the rights and privileges of the school as sons and daughters of our Alma Mater.

So help us God.

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It’s good to know that other people can realize things you are doing for them. Even if sometimes, dealing with the situation is very difficult or brain-busting. It is also good to know when your sacrifices are not worthless and they are for the greater good. I hate it because I am having so much drama right now(that is not my style in writing!) .  I love to work especially when it is appreciated.

This day,  March 15, 2011, I did a very tiring job and I still need to do it until tomorrow.  I need to teach 4 sections ( 4 classrooms) in our school for their speech choir.  It is actually not my job but I need to do it because of the situation.  Our English teachers were not there because they were busier than me (they were in a very important meeting) . I am exhausted because I am handling 4 sections, I cannot teach them at the same time that’s why I need to transfer from one room to another.  After I teach one stanza for this section, I will go on the other section.  So tiring.  I am not reclamizing (reclamizing? Is that complaining?  Oh yes!) .  I am not complaining, I am just telling you what I feel right now.  I’m tired, sleepy, my head is aching, I’m exhausted.  I am just not in the mood.  Hayz!  Oh, I remember, if you are doing something for others and it is totally voluntary, don’t complain about it.  You accepted it and did it, you know that there’s something in return.  You don’t know specifically what is that thing but you definitely know there is.  It is not actually about the THING itself, but the thing outside it.  Why does that person gave you that thing?  Because you are appreciated, that’ s it.  No matter how big or small the thing that person gave to you, the point is, you are appreciated.  (more thing, thing, thing!  Does it matter?  I don’t know!)

Maybe, I still need to do those things because I am the president of our English Club (does it matter? I don’t know!) .  Even though, I can’t stand it.  No!  I mean. I can stand it because I am still here, in front of my computer and expressing my thoughts (duh!) .  Does it really matter?  I don’t know and I actually don’t care.  Good thing that I am just so happy with my life.  I am gaining the kind of respect that I deserve (i guess…).  THIS IS GOTTA BE A GOOD LIFE!