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What? Weird!

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Something's Wrong!
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Just now, as in now lang! I saw the pictures of my old classmate and the title of the album is “Panunumpa”. It was a shocking revelation for me. Yung classmate ko na napakaharot noong elementary kami at laging napapagalitan ng aming mga maestra is now an SK Kagawad. It was really shocking, kasi it is not in his features na maging barangay official( Am I bad? Ba’t ko ba pinagtatakhan?) Tutal, parang hindi naman pinahahalagahan ang SK here in our barangay, so anyone can run. Even the by-standers in the kanto can run. Trip, trip lang daw, kumbaga. Even if it was a trip, they won. Oh my gosh!

The problem here is kung sino yung mga able na tumakbo ay hindi nag-aattempt to run. Takot sa responsibilities! Oh my gosh. Really weird. Kaya tuloy, the person that are having the positions ay parang hindi karapat-dapat. Even the honors of our class did not run, puro studies. Duh! Hay naku, nakakabobo rin kaya yung sobrang pag-aaral. Only three in our class are registered voters for SK election. I will not name names. C’mon, really weird. I want to start a place kung saan ang mga tao ay nag-aattempt man lamang to run. Hay naku!

Example of Awkwardness

It is said in one of the songs of GLOC-9,
“Lahat ng nakikita ko nakakabobo.”
Even in one of the songs of Stellar Kart,
“I know why the good old days are gone
Cause everyone just tolerates what’s wrong
I’m not some empty space for rent”

You see, kapag mali na ang nangyayari sa kapaligiran, huwag nang i-tolerate pa. THAT’S WHY WE HAVE A WEIRD SYSTEM IN HERE, DUD!